Our wood-fired pizza's are a work of edible art.

Hayward Wisconsin's favorite "farm-to-pizza"

We serve Wood-fired Pizzas…  most people know "Famous" Dave Anderson for his award-winning BBQ Ribs and those close to him know he's from the North-Side of Chicago; home of Traditional Chicago-Style Thin-Crust Pizza. Tamarack Farms enlisted Dave to use that same passion to create Pizza Heaven in Hayward. Our pizza features a custom Wisconsin cheese pizza blend, sausage tailor-made for Tamarack by 3rd generation sausage makers in Chicago, and sauce made from sweet California tomatoes.

Paul Rynning is The Tamarack Farms farmer. In his spare time he's becoming a expert pizziaolo!

Build Your Own Wood-Fired Pizza!

We start with fresh dough and press it to a 12" circle. (We do offer gluten-free crust for $2 as well).

You add the toppings: Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Onion, Green Pepper, Black Olives

You can have it all or just a few toppings for the same price of $17.

Add Chicken for $4. Extra sausage or Pepperoni for $3. Extra Cheese for $2